Monday, 18 March 2013

Beautiful Eulogy

Download their album for free here. It is fantastic music with wonderful theology.

"There’s no scientific system sufficient to measure the distance. Big words and images are limited descriptions. Primitive poetry poking at rain clouds with small sticks and can’t reach high enough to touch it, so we shake our fists and call it quits. Kites and satellites, unimaginable heights, intangible unseen light made visible to human sight through the incarnation and life of Christ. 

Fulfilling the promise, faithful and flawless, the Son of God, living among the Godless and lawless lost in sins darkness. But he would shine regardless, of mankind’s infection and blind perception, rebellion and rejection. This is unblemished perfection, relentless love descended with the intention to shed his blood, for the purpose of redemption. Divine intervention, wrap your mind around how he laid his life down so sinners could be forgiven, every knee should bow before the risen. Now through faith and repentance, we can be accepted and enter the kingdom of God where we will sing along with endless, praises.

Who is God that establishes dominion over minions and is moved with creativity and decides to makes men in the image of him. With His words we created and rather than having an understanding of gratitude we became envious and we hated him.

And since God is compassionate he condescended and become like us as a representative. Sent for the purpose to make atonement for his own elect and connect the most wrecked of men to throne room of the divine architect. And so the ineffable unapproachable God who invented space and the human heart invaded space to reach the depths of human hearts. Its all a part of his perfect plan sinners in the hands of God holding on a kite string. Connecting a redeemed humanity by the finished work the King of Kings."